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Staples 2 Naples

4 guys, 1 car and 2000+ miles to Southern Italy. Lets Drill it...
Toronto at Xmas time

4 guys, 4 flights, 4 ladies, 2 hostel rooms, 2 nightclubs... - it could only be Toronto 2004!
Leon's Birthday

Exmouth didn't know what hit it, a messy weekend, but with some very funny moments...
Rockingham Race Track

When free courtesy tickets turn up on your door step, you would be a wally not to go...
Skiing 2004

Well the groovy gang (all 10 of us +) headed to the French Alps for a bit of the white stuff...

Another messy night at Dav's for Hannah and Sam...
Puerto Rico 2004

A week of relaxation, sea, sand...
V2003 Featival

Portaloos, 14 Burgers, Coldplay and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, just another day in Chelmsford
Jackie and Matt's Wedding

A wedding held in the Park. International Dj's, Porsche's and fantastic speaches - a great day....
Fiat Coupe

My very shiny Fiat 20v Turbo Coupe, sporting some new rubber.
French Alps 2003

The first Skiing Trip for 8 years...ouch, oghhff..ahh
Some Birthdays

John's and Dave Birthday's!!! Bl**dy Cosmic!!
New Year in Exeter

A last minute decision and he headed down the A303 dress as soldiers.
Leon's Birthday Bash

The Groovy gang head for Exeter again, this time Purge comes...oh dear!
House Party

A little (seriously little) House Party down in Tunbridge Wells!
Launch of

A couple of us head for the launch party of
Dublin 2002

A lads head for Ireland and these are the results...oghfff.
Spearmint Rhino's

The lads take a trip to the daddy of Striptease outfits in sunny Uxbridge, part of the badgers birthday!
John Smiths??

5 hours to kill in Dublin...f*ck it...lets do a "Ave it"...
Milia 2001

Head over the Cannes for a bit of a conference!

Tunbridge wells Part Deux...this time its not about being sick and aftershocks...
JUli's 21st

A fantastic night had by all...including Dave with his one foot shuffle...
Jodi's 21st

CSP Football Club and a lot of Champagne, that will be Jodi's Birthday bash then!
The Motor Show

Lots of shiny, new, expensive, fast, curvy, hot cars...and a lot more!
Richy's Birthday

Go-Karting and a bit of Warp Speed action on the M40 later...
BlackPool Flares

Blackpool - flares, bunny girls and silly cocktails!
Gatecrasher 2002

Gatecrasher Sound System, oghffff...
Uni Reunion

The ladies and gents of Staffs, visit Birmingham for the night

A uni reunion with lots of flares and bunny girls!
Sponsored by Natwest

Leon's Birthday is a goodun, but turn messy (as usual)...
Milia 2002

A trip to Cannes for a IT Conference, sounds boring...but oh no!

After a long hard stint finishing 47 projects in a month at uni, the boys go for a holiday
Sony Wega

Hmm...our new Wega and a stack load of DVD's, it can't get better than this!
Merry Xmas

Does what is says...
The Villa

The old man's that will be the whole family there then?
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