Me, Jodi, Richard, Denis, Trigger, Chris, Stuart, Derek, Amy and Eggy all spent a week in La Plagne (France) skiing. We all stayed at Chalet Hannah (with Emily our Chalet Host) in Plagne 1800 just down from Plagne Centre. We got the Eurostar from Waterloo and then got the Snow Train from Paris which turned into absolute carnage in the Disco on the train!

Plenty of sore arses, arms, heads..... you name it - we hurt it!

An excellent time was had by all and we'll definitely be going back.

Hope you enjoy browsing through the pictures...

About La Plagne

La Plagne is a purpose built resort, made up of ten different villages, each with its own style, ranging from the traditional at Plagne 1800 to the really modern at Aime La Plagne.

The resort is set at high altitude, in the Savoie French Alps, and the snow is reliable. With more than 200km of piste, skiing at La Plagne is extensive. Facilities for the beginner are good, with nursery slopes adjacent to each of the villages, and easy runs between each centre.

Plenty of bars and restaurants are available, but more are to be found in Plagne Centre and up on the mountainsides.
Hi gang,

Hope your all refreshed and enjoying life back at your office's. Has anyone had their photo's developed yet ?

Sam have you had time to upload Kez to the internet ?? I remember you mentioned you were going to build a website of the trip.

We'll all have to meet up for a reunion to talk over old war stories.

A few choice moments:-

Amy - Fancy a Bear F*ck anyone ?? - My boots are a bit tight - What's the time Dez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jodi - ' Come on Amy you can do it ' ' We've got 20 mins to get to the lesson'

Motivational inspiration from Miss Bowen as Rob and I break the sound barrier after getting a bit of bottle on the third day.

( or suicidal tendencies)

Richard - Lets get on the roof of the toilet and cover Amy in snow -

' Oi Dez , Amy and Dennis have come out the other exit ' - Cheers Rich !!!

Chris - Um this Pizza doesn't feel to good - Ralf and hughy

Sam - MMM , mmmm , mmmm - dig you ski's in when your turning on the button lift

Dez - Protein, Protein - Mademoiselle Frites !!!!! -

Stu - Post 12.30 I think I might go for a lye down.

Stu - Why aren't you wearing your Russian hat anymore ??

Need I answer that ????

Rob - Here comes the quick fit fitter !!!! - Classic

Oh F*ck not another button lift - Oi move -

Dennis- Simon's Eaten my sandwich - What the f*ck are you doing with my mobile ??

' you gave it to me honest Den ' - Escoozie Grande bottle of water please !!

Eggy - Who the f*cks simon lets cut him !! - BEEEEEEEEP - F*ck , F*ck,F*ck, F*ck

And how can I forget our new friend!!!!

Precious - Um Carrotts , Um Carrotts