Whats it all about

About 5 years ago we all met in the friendly town of Stoke-on-Trent. Where we were all starting to study Staffordshire University. After 1 year being completely wasted and not knowing if we've had sex with animals. Before we knew it, we were working our arses off trying to finish our courses.

Then as we all split up, no-one saw anyone for about 2 years, until now.


I decided to pull my butt out of neutral and get things moving, so with the help of Caz (Accommodation Manager) we were able to find a suitable solution for the "messy evening". I say "messy" as when drinking up north I always find it a messy affair.

So we all arrived and the drinking commenced, things started well until some numnut decided to buy a round of double, mixed aftershocks for everyone (55.00 to be precise), things started going down hill from there. A number of people fell over in spectacular ways and also silly little tits which our friend Andy didn't like.

Also I would like to thank the Balti houses of Broad Street without supplying cutterly, oh the joy of eating Chicken Balit with your fingers!.
  "Quote of the night
"I'm a snail??"
  Hope you enjoy this story and maybe we can pull our heads together for a second mad one! P.s. Just want to say cheers for everyone who made it! S.